Rosanna Arkle Shooting for Girlzsquad !

Rosanna Arkle Shooting for Girlzsquad !


Rosanna : The Australian Siren 



Rosanna Arkle is a model and social media celebrity from Whangerei, New Zealand.

Growing up, Rosanna lived a very normal life in Northern New Zealand. While she was happy, she really wanted to be a famous model, so decided that she would have to make the move to Australia. Upon moving to the Gold Coast, Rosanna began to find some modelling work for magazines. This developed into shoots for major magazines such as Zoo, which allowed her to land a place on the ‘The GC’ reality TV show.



With her cute puppy, it's for Girlzsquad that today she wanted to take some shot in front of cameras  because for her  " I really love these bags and this project means everything for me and is not everyday you can see brands standing for something. I love support and inspire others women to become the best version of themselves this is why I naturally took part of this project and every women around the world should support brand like Girlzsquad   because the fight for equality is still in progress but not won yet ! " 

                             Rosanna Arkel on Bells Beach, Australia.

                        Rosanna with her puppy on Bells Beach, Australia. 



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Rosanna's weekender bag : Here 



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