Qimmah Russo for Girlzsquad !

Qimmah Russo for Girlzsquad !

 Qimmah : Never ever give up ! 


Qimmah is one of those women who never never gives up ! An example of strength and success for all women.

Qimmah Russo is a fitness and social media sensation from New York. In her early years, Qimmah was an avid basketball player. Not only was she passionate about the sport, Qimmah was also extremely talented. Because of this, she went to join a professional basketball team during college
However, after graduation, Qimmah's interests began to change. Suddenly, her passion for basketball started disappearing, as she began a long time ago. After long consideration, Qimmah.


This was a decision Qimmah has never looked back from. She's since sculpted a physical phenomenal through weightlifting, along with building an iconic status in the fitness and modeling industry.

Today it's for Girlzsquad she wanted to take some shots. When we have met her, she directly wanted to take part in this project. "I feel totally feminist" she said " for me who live in a world dominated mostly by men, to assert myself and prove my worth was a difficult part of the process because I am a woman. I know that many women feel the same thing and it's time to get up and raise our voices ! "

Thank you for this incredible meeting Qimmah.

Follow Qimmah on Instagram : Qimmahrusso

Qimmah's weekender bag : Here 

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